Free - Back to the Box

Posted by Peninsula Warriors Lacrosse Association on Jan 17 2019 at 05:51PM PST in 2018 Season

On some upcoming evenings in January and February, Peninsula Lacrosse Association wish to welcome new and returning players to:

“Dust off the Rust” and “Pick up a Stick”*

*Saturday 26 January
Sunday 3 February
Saturday 9 February *

5-6pm Mini-Tyke & Tyke
6-7pm Novice & Peewee
7-8pm Bantam & Midget

at Tsawout Gym

Also why not bring a friend to the Back to the Box sessions? They are welcome.

All players must sign in at the front and must wear a cadged helmet, Jock or Jill, and gloves.

*New non competitive-aged, players to our lacrosse association will receive a new lax stick.

And don’t forget Assessments start Feb 16.


  • Sorry this is just for brand-new to the association, mini-tyke, tyke and novice-aged players that are paid-up and registered for the 2019 season.


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