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Peninsula Lacrosse players & coaches are invited to join in the fun!!

The 2017 Santa’s Light Parade is being held on Saturday November 25th in downtown Victoria, between 5 and 7pm (arrive 3:45-4:30 – see map attached)

We are delighted to have been invited, with other local lacrosse associations, to make this a proud lacrosse showing and to walk with the lit-up Shamrocks truck, Rocky and Shamrocks players

Please see the attachment for all the details.

Any additional questions or to let us know you’re coming please email:

Begin your Christmas Season in Victoria with the magical Island Farms Santa’s Light Parade! Floats and bands, entertainment and lots of fun for the entire family!

Afterwards at Centennial Square there is refreshments from Island Farms and witness SANTA OFFICIALLY DECLARE CHRISTMAS IN VICTORIA OPEN!

Make sure to bring your donation for the Mustard Seed Food Bank!

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The Victoria Junior A Shamrocks are pleased to announce Winter Box lacrosse sessions in Victoria.

Sessions will take place at Eagle Ridge every Thursday starting November 16th through to December 14th, 6:00-7:30 pm.

Cost is $30 for 5 sessions. These sessions fill up fast so please RSVP to WADE MURRAY to secure your spot.


All players must fill out a Senior Practice form before being allowed on the floor. Form attached or go to

Learn from current Junior Shamrock coaching staff and Shamrock players. On floor evaluations, high tempo technical drills and a lot of on floor experience with high calibre players and coaching staff. This is an excellent opportunity to get out (get the rust off) on the box lacrosse floor, assess your own skills and abilities, and learn how you can grow and develop. This will help prepare you for upcoming camps and team tryouts in 2018 for all levels of lacrosse on Vancouver Island.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at this email or the number below. We look forward to seeing you out there. If we have missed anyone on this email fanout, please pass on or have them contact me.

Wade Murray
General Manager
JR A and JR B Tier 1 (formally Int A)
Victoria Shamrocks Lacrosse Club


A massive thank you to our sponsors.


Hi Everyone:

We need your help! We want the BC Lacrosse Association to have the most people pledge to support the Province of BC’s Erase Bullying in Sport campaign!

Please visit this website and “TAKE THE PLEDGE”, and ask your family, friends, members, etc. – whoever you know – to take the pledge along with you! It takes less than a minute to do.

The #ERASEbullying in Sport campaign officially launched 23 January and will run for the month leading up to Pink Shirt Day on February 22, 2017.

Here’s what the Pledge says:

We, the Province of British Columbia and B.C. sport leaders, believe that: Sport can provide British Columbians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with life-long opportunities to enjoy physical, social and emotional health benefits.

A sport environment that is positive, respectful, engaging and accessible for all participants encourages individuals to join and stay in sport throughout their lives. Conversely, a sport environment in which participants are exposed to negative experiences, such as bullying, can be harmful and cause individuals to quit sport.

Bullying is unwelcome or aggressive behaviour that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and can take many forms including physical, verbal, emotional or other types of intimidating or humiliating behaviours. The behaviour is often repeated and can occur on or away from the playing field, court or arena. Children, youth and adults can all be vulnerable to experiences of bullying.

We will: Through the signing of this document, demonstrate our commitment to fostering a positive sport environment with mechanisms in place to effectively prevent and address bullying in sport.

Declaration of Commitment: We call on all those involved in sport – participants, athletes, coaches, parents, caregivers, officials, organizations, partners, volunteers and others – to join us in this commitment and help ensure a safe, welcoming and positive sport culture and environment for all British Columbians of every background, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, age, ability and aspiration.

Rochelle Winterton

Peninsula Lacrosse Association is part of BC Lacrosse Association