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Hello Penlax Families,

Did you have an amazing Coach this season? We are looking for nominations for our coach of the year award.

If you would like to nominate your coach please send an email to with your coaches name and a few lines about why they should be our Coach of the Year.

Recognizing our coaches, for all the time and energy they put into teaching our kids the wonderful sport of Lacrosse, is an important way we can say thank you for all that they do for us, so please send in your nominations.

Phil DiBattista
Penlax President

We need your opinion!

Posted by Peninsula Warriors Lacrosse Association at Jul 18, 2018 7:57PM PDT

Hello Peninsula Lacrosse Families

Thanks for another great season,.

Below is a Survey that has 1 question and a comment box. It is in regards to a discussion I have been having with the Presidents from the other South Island Lacrosse associations and your executive has had during the last couple of meetings. The Topic is about amalgamation/ merging lacrosse associations with Saanich and Victoria/ Esquimalt. Please forgive the lengthy email but I want to make sure everyone has some details.

Before I go into the details please know that we have not committed to anything and there are no firm plans in place to move forward with this idea. At this point it is just an idea.

Please read the rationale and some of the conversation we have been having and then if you could fill out the short survey that would help us gauge what our community thinks of the idea and whether there is support for us to proceed., or otherwise.

Discussion/ Rationale

Every season our association (along with every other association) has to declare how many teams we have for each division and what tier they will play in by the first week in February. The challenge with this is that registration is still open and we haven’t held a “back to the box” night or run any assessments. So what this means is your executive has to keep track of players, (who has grown, who hasn’t, what their skill level is, what team they played on previously and how many years they have played and come up with our best guess as to how many teams we will have in each division e.g. Peewee and whether they are going to play A1, A2, B or C. This is obviously difficult for us to do in early February.

Every season small associations like ours struggle with whether we will have two teams in a division and if we do, what the skill level is like to help us determine what tiers we will play in. This becomes harder if we don’t have enough registered players to confirm we have 2 teams by early February.

For this season, we only had enough players to put one team in Midget, Bantam and Peewee (we were short 2 players in peewee and bantam for 2 teams). This complicated the problem even more because we had players from all skill levels now playing together on one team.

We want all players to play regardless of skill level. Our policy is that “first to register” is “first to play” regardless of previous teams or tiers played in.

In years where there are two teams in a division at Penlax you would see our A1/A2 players grouped together to make a A2 team and our B and C players grouped together to make a B or C team. This has worked well for us as we are able to keep kids of similar skill playing together against other teams of similar skill.

This means that we have our B/C players playing against other B/C players on the island making the games more equal and competitive meaning the kids have more FUN!!!

Years like 2018, when we only had one team in our competitive divisions (Peewee Bantam and Midget) we had kids from A1, A2, B, and C all on the same team. This causes a few challenges for the association and the team, in any tier, as we are either not challenging some kids enough, or putting too many kids in a tier that they wouldn’t be able to compete in. Either way if our kids don’t have FUN they won’t want to continue to play this amazing sport.

In speaking with the other area presidents they are also been experiencing the same challenges as they try to place players on teams.

Our goal is for the Kids to have fun, learn some lacrosse skills and want to come back next season. If we have accomplished those then we have succeeded.

What we have been talking about is the idea of amalgamating Saanich, Victoria and Peninsula into one association.

The idea being that we would be then able to have an A1, A2, B and C team in each division (likely more that one team in A2, B and C) and all of our players would be able to play and compete at their skill level.


Obviously there would be a lot of logistical things to figure out for this to happen. Some of the discussions have been that if we proceeded with something like this that we would divide our non competitive teams (Novice, Tyke and Mini Tyke) up by geography so that the practices would all be near where you live (Peninsula Kids to stay out in peninsula)

Team Selections

For our competitive divisions (Peewee, Bantam, Midget) all of our players would have the opportunity to be assessed to play on the A1 or A2 teams which would be more like a regional team and the kids playing B and C would still be placed by skill but also geography to keep things easier for families.


A lot of the coaches from most associations are parent coaches but each association does have non parent coaches in the competitive divisions. Selecting of coaches would become a more formalized process to ensure the process is fair, transparent and that we are getting the best coaches possible for each team.

The survey is only one question and a comment box, IF I could ask everyone to complete the survey so that we know what you think, because your opinion matters.

Thanks again

Penlax President

Survey Link


What a fantastic season for the Peewee B team as they now carry home the Bronze medal from the 2018 Provincials!!

Thank you to all the Peewee B players, coaches, manager, families, fundraisers and sponsors who made this possible, and for the organizers and volunteers of the 2018 BCLA Provincials.

Go Warriors!


Hello Peninsula Lacrosse,

Thank you all for another great season!! Before you hang up your stick, could we ask for a few moments more of your time?

Below is a link to our Coach Survey for 2018.

As the year comes to a close, please take a minute to tell us about your coach and team. The survey is short and only takes a few minutes to fill out.

The feedback you provide helps us in a few important ways:
First, positive or constructive feedback for our coaches is a good thing;
Second, it helps us make sure we have people who are developing our players appropriately;
Lastly, helps us select a coach for our “Coach of the Year award”.

We know summer is a busy time so we will leave the survey open until September 1st

Thanks in advance for completing the survey.


For the attention of current and new field lacrosse players…

Hello Pacific Rim Families,

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2018/19 field lacrosse season! We are privileged to be hosting all levels of Womens Field Lacrosse this season as well as all levels of Boys.

Please visit our website, and click on Registration from our Home Page. There you will find the age requirements, cost and registration link. If you or you know of anyone wishing to volunteer their time coaching or managing; please contact

We are looking forward to another amazing season – Go Pac Rim!


Pacific Rim Executive